Bitcoin Exchange Founder Denied U.S. Entrance

Along with “bomb” and “fresh fruit,” add “bitcoin” to the list of things you  should never say  at U.S.  Customs. “Nefario,” codename for China-based  founder of the Global Bitcoin Stock  Exchange,  says he was sent back to  China after he arrived in Seattle with $600 on him for a two-month visit,  and was unable to convince customs … Continue reading

Ruxum to Launch Bitcoin Exchange in Asia [INVITES]

Before we move on to talk about Bitcoin exchange Ruxum, we first need to understand exactly what Bitcoin is. If you do a Google search, you can find several interesting articles about Bitcoin here and there. Bitcoin is basically a peer-to-peer virtual currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto who wrote an extensive whitepaper about it. There are strictly 21 million such Bitcoin … Continue reading

As Bitcoin exchanges drop Dwolla, Milne says company stays focused

As of Tuesday, Bitcoin exchange platformTradeHill is no longer accepting Dwolla, citing the occurrence of chargebacks as the reason for its decision. Since TradeHill’s launch in early June, it had been accepting Dwolla as a way for its users to fund their accounts in order to purchase Bitcoins, a virtual, peer-to-peer currency, on its exchange. According to the blog Bitcoin Money, Bitcoin … Continue reading

Infographic: What Are Bitcoins and How Are They Taxed?

You’ve heard about bitcoins, the digital exchange system, if only because of a recent hack that resulted in tens of thousands of usernames, email addresses and passwords being released. But you should be paying closer attention, argues TurboTax, which recently put together this explainer on the anonymous, decentralized currency. “In today’s economy, the value of the … Continue reading

World’s Largest Bitcoin Currency Exchange Uses YubiKey For Two-Factor Authentication

Mt. Gox’s database was compromised last month when a user account was hacked Yubico, a leading provider of easy and secure login solutions, today announced its YubiKey is providing two-factor authentication for Mt. Gox and their customers. Mt. Gox is an exchange that allows people to trade US Dollars (USD) for Bitcoins (BTC) or Bitcoins … Continue reading

Will Bitcoins Change the Money Game?

The bitcoin is a virtual international currency first introduced in 2009. Bitcoins are unregulated and out of the control of any single government. They are also 100% digital — there is no corresponding physical coin or paper to back or represent bitcoins in the real world. But you can use them right now to buy goods and services over the … Continue reading

What are Bitcoins and How are they taxed?

Now comes the online Bitcoin Bank

The Online Bitcoin Wallet cottage industry is about to get slightly more crowded. The new launch scheduled for July 1st is supposed to be a second generation online bitcoin wallet or better said, a first generation bitcoin bank. The company promises to allow easier access to pay and collect bitcoins via a mobile device. Meaning that … Continue reading

Bitcoins create truly democratic policy, followers say

OTTAWA – Money may be the next frontier of the Internet revolution thanks to Bitcoin, a burgeoning new digital currency. The software that tracks, trades and stores bitcoins is free, and its code is public. This means anyone can change it, either because they hope to make it better or to provide themselves with some … Continue reading

Large number of invites sent out today for flexcoin the bitcoin bank

There will be a large number of invites handed out today for the bitcoin bank. Several new pages were posted on the site this morning hinting at it’s strengths compared to the standard bitcoin currency. Also added were a TOS, Privacy Page, and a few others. Flexcoin has peaked interest within the bitcoin community due to the fact … Continue reading