Will Ron Paul Endorse the Bitcoin System?

We all know that Ron Paul wants to abolish the Federal Reserve, we know that he wants us off Fiat Money. Since the Bitcoin system has a limited number of total coins created (they cannot be created at will, hence the argument of printing money cannot be applied).

The problem with the gold is that honestly it’s hard to trade physical gold for purchases across the planet, or even across the state. So you have to substitute the gold for a paper IOU, paper money, or via a third party. The end result is that eventually somewhere along the lines something can go wrong and we can have an Enron type accountant with even a gold backed currency.

Bitcoins do not have such limitations, the only thing limiting about them is the total number that will ever be “created” as per an open source p2p system.

So Ron Paul, will you endorse the Bitcoin as a valid currency?



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