Large number of invites sent out today for flexcoin the bitcoin bank

There will be a large number of invites handed out today for the bitcoin bank. Several new pages were posted on the site this morning hinting at it’s strengths compared to the standard bitcoin currency. Also added were a TOS, Privacy Page, and a few others.

Flexcoin has peaked interest within the bitcoin community due to the fact that the bank pays interest to it’s account holders, Solves the “coffee shop” problem and gives vendors an easy to use ID suitable for printed material and marketing rather than a long sting while at the same time fundamentally allowing anyone to access their bitcoins from anywhere. Basically revamping the system to something that can actually be used for general commerce.

It has the potential to fix all the bitcoin problems and allow the currency to go more mainstream.

Currently flexcoin has several hundred users, with the only limiting factor being the highly sought out invites.

We were told to “watch our inbox” over the next 24-72 hours.


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