Now comes the online Bitcoin Bank

The Online Bitcoin Wallet cottage industry is about to get slightly more crowded. The new launch scheduled for July 1st is supposed to be a second generation online bitcoin wallet or better said, a first generation bitcoin bank.

The company promises to allow easier access to pay and collect bitcoins via a mobile device. Meaning that someone can take their android or iPhone and make a payment right on the spot. Hence making payments simpler. It also allows for a central location for your bitcoins. Hence every device can now put it or pay for items via bitcoin.

The kicker? This is the first bitcoin wallet that actually pays interest, hence looking more and more like a bitcoin bank. The way they pay interest is small granted, but so is how you get interest in your normal bank account.

The site mines for bitcoins, anything found is then distributed to the account holders that have a positive balance of bitcoins in their account.

Meaning that if you have an account there, and the site obtains some coins, you’ll get a dividend.

Cool eh?


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