Infographic: What Are Bitcoins and How Are They Taxed?

You’ve heard about bitcoins, the digital exchange system, if only because of a recent hack that resulted in tens of thousands of usernames, email addresses and passwords being released. But you should be paying closer attention, argues TurboTax, which recently put together this explainer on the anonymous, decentralized currency. “In today’s economy, the value of the … Continue reading

What are Bitcoins and How are they taxed?

Use MtGox or Tradehill To Trade Your Bitcoins

Bitcoin, the anonymous, peer to peer virtual currency, has been getting a lot of press lately. From the severe inflation to the hacks and the big heist, not all of it has been good. However, it’s certainly an interesting system, and there are a few good trading services such as Mt.Gox and Tradehill aimed at making Bitcoin more available … Continue reading