Use MtGox or Tradehill To Trade Your Bitcoins

Bitcoin, the anonymous, peer to peer virtual currency, has been getting a lot of press lately. From the severe inflation to the hacks and the big heist, not all of it has been good. However, it’s certainly an interesting system, and there are a few good trading services such as Mt.Gox and Tradehill aimed at making Bitcoin more available … Continue reading

Skeptics of financial system push Bitcoin as alternative online currency

VANCOUVER – It was a stunning crash — a currency’s value dropping from about $17 to just pennies per unit in a few short minutes, wiping away millions of dollars in the process. It happened last month but it wasn’t in a country you’ve ever heard of. In fact, it wasn’t in any country at … Continue reading

Will Ron Paul Endorse the Bitcoin System?

We all know that Ron Paul wants to abolish the Federal Reserve, we know that he wants us off Fiat Money. Since the Bitcoin system has a limited number of total coins created (they cannot be created at will, hence the argument of printing money cannot be applied). The problem with the gold is that … Continue reading

BitTrust API makes developing apps that use Bitcoin a breeze

BitTrust is an API in private beta that promises to make life easier for developers wanting to make use of Bitcoin as a fundamental part of their application. The API facilitates transactions, commissions, affiliate sales and user profiles and messaging, as well as an auctioning system. It’s a bit like eBay in an API for Bitcoin developers. Most … Continue reading

BitCoin Harvesting Trojan, Detected

The recent craze on the Internet for the virtual currency BitCoin isn’t only among people who imagine they can make money from nowhere but also among online crooks who typically seek for grabbing anything that comes relatively easy. SecureList published this on June 28, 2011. Described as one fresh P2P virtual currency in the nature … Continue reading

Camp BX aims to make Bitcoin trading legit

Bitcoins, a web-based virtual currency, are traded pretty fast and loose these days. Camp BX, an online trading site for the Bitcoin currency that launched Tuesday, wants to do things a little bit differently. Camp BX founder Keyur Mithawala launched the site to transform Bitcoin trading — which is little more than a hobby for … Continue reading

Bitcoin Android app tips up

An Android app for carrying out Bitcoin transactions has been released. But since it’s in its early stages, the developer warns potential users to stick to small transactions in case things go Pete Tong.  The app enables Bitcoin users to send or receive Bitcoins entirely from their Android phones. It recognises the Bitcoin URI format and allows … Continue reading

Bitcoin user out of luck as $500,000 disappears from hard drive

Users and fans of the open-source, digital currency Bitcoin should feel a little less secure today, after leaders of the Bitcoin project confirmed to a British newspaper they have no way to confirm a user’s claim that almost$500,000 worth of the digital currency disappeared from his hard drive overnight. “I just woke up to see a very large … Continue reading